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RT&SP Advisory

Clear Vision, Defined Impact: Personalized Career Growth
Online-First Career Consulting Services

Preparing The Next Generation

RT&SP Advisory is a career advisory business specializing in empowering the next generation of professionals to succeed in today’s competitive job market for the sake of the future.

If you are a College student right now wondering how to start your career journey; or if you are a Young Adult trying to understand how you want to further take or possibly pivot your career; or if you are forward-looking Parent looking for ways to help guide your children's future - RT&SP Advisory is here to help.


Welcome! RT&SP Advisory was established to address the growing need for personalized career consulting services tailored to college students and young professionals in this digital age. With the current competitive job market seeing continued increase in job applications per opening compared to the prior years, and an estimated ~18 million college students in the United States alone (as of Spring 2022), there is a clear need for our services.

The ubiquity of information and the constant exposure to other people’s lives through social media and online content have led to a culture of comparison and unrealistic expectations of wealth and success. This is particularly prevalent among younger individuals who have grown up with this technology.

Recognizing that no two people are the same, and that comparing oneself to others is counterproductive, RT&SP Advisory focuses on offering a personalized, one-on-one approach to career consulting. Our services (current and future) are designed to help clients develop achievable goals and strategies based on their unique strengths, abilities, and circumstances, rather than the false standards portrayed online. Additionally, our online-first approach allows for the flexibility in our current age.

By guiding our clients through the complexities of the job market and providing them with realistic, actionable advice, we aim to empower them to build successful and fulfilling careers.

Sang Park Founder of RT&SP Advisory

RT - Remnant | SP - Specialization 

Remnants are those who will stay behind and lead the future after the older generations move on. 

Our mission is to help guide the journey in finding the right Specialization for that next generation.


  • Personal Counseling in Writing Effective Resume
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    1 hr
    80 US dollars
  • Real-Life Interview Preparations Dependent on Fields and Industries
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    1 hr
    80 US dollars
  • Holistic Approach to Career Planning Based on Your Goals and Visions
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    1 hr
    80 US dollars
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