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What/Who/Why/How RT&SP Advisory?

Updated: Jun 23

Welcome to RT&SP Advisory | Career Consulting Services

Sang Park RT&SP Advisory Founder

Welcome to our first ever blog post! This is Sang Park, Founder of RT&SP Advisory.

Just like it is for any platform, the purpose of these blogs will be to provide additional perspective that I hope can be helpful for the readers as you start/continue your career journey. But before we dive into any specific topics (and I have a lot in the works such as the different Industrial Revolutions, AI, Communication, Financial Literacy, etc.), I wanted to devote this first blog post as to why I started RT&SP advisory - especially while knowing how crowded this space is, more so with the onset of the ever-evolving AI tools.

To do that, let’s rewind back in time and some of the things that were imprinted in me as a youth. We were what you would call a lower/middle class family living paycheck to paycheck - a family that always tried its best, but saw a world that was unfair at every section of the race. But I was (and still am) blessed with parents who were intelligent and resilient not only in terms of family, work, ethics, values, etc.; but also in terms of education, financials, economy, career, etc. I was young and understandably naïve in so many things; however, I still knew the above were absolutely true.

Kids around me had those fancy pencil cases, they didn’t have hand-sown patches on their pants for when they ripped, they were picked up in nicer cars, their houses were bigger, their toy robots were cooler, their moms wore nicer clothes, their dads weren’t working weekends, the list goes on. But I still knew that my parents were respectable people. Why? To be honest, I don’t know. Maybe it was because of Korean culture and we are told to listen to and respect our parents. Maybe it was because they still found ways to feed me, send me to school, buy me toys every now and then. Maybe it was because even as a naïve young kid, I could feel they had ambitions and goals. Maybe it was because I unconsciously knew that they were trying their best and therefore who was I to complain.


Okay so what?

You may wonder at this point why I provided all that. For pity? For clicks? For your money? For the grand reveal of a pivot that changed our lives into a rich successful family (which by the way we are not) and how that’s the secret sauce I will provide through this advisory? No, and that’s exactly the point of RT&SP Advisory. There is absolutely no secret sauce in anything and I really don’t care what TikTok, YouTube, Twitter accounts you follow. No matter what, there isn’t this ‘one shiny secret’ in this world that will make you rich automatically, especially in terms of maintaining that wealth in the long run.

Let’s stick with Social Media and Technology for a little bit, because its a fundamental aspect of why RT&SP Advisory came about. As amazing as these are, quite frankly, I worry about their downstream impacts into the next generation as they think about their careers. There’s a lot here, but to me its primarily these 4 themes:

  1. I’m sure you at least have heard that youths nowadays look at Influencers, Celebrities (ex// K-pop), YouTube Stars as primary career ambitions. Makes sense considering how certain people make large amounts of money through these platforms with content that seem cool and luxurious - fashion, vacation, game shows, wealth, etc. Absolutely nothing wrong with these career paths, but it doesn’t take much to understand the risks in terms of sustainability and mental health. Also the fact that most of these paths don't lead to wealth and success.

  2. Another output of the social media content is that there’s a lot of clickbait, especially regarding money. ‘How to make money quick.’ ‘How to create 6 side hustles for extra income.’ ‘Passive income ideas that require no work.’ ‘How I became a millionaire and you can too.’ ‘Make sure you follow this stock market strategy.’ The internet is flooded with these types of content. And let’s be honest, most of them are fraud. Additionally, what did I mention earlier? There is no ‘secret sauce.' But all these content make it seem like there’s an easy way out

  3. An output of #1 and #2 is that people (especially the younger you are) have a mindset that they need to ‘show off’ their lives. A nice car. A new watch. A Birkin bag. A nice vacation. Something that shows they are also ‘cool’ and ‘trendy.’ And what do they need for that? Obviously money. So everyone understandably is in the hunt to get rich quick

  4. Then we get to the technology. Seemingly, everyone is saying that everyone can get rich quick by using technology. There’s a tool for everything from creating a website, writing blogs (this one didn’t use one 🙂), content creation, faceless YouTube, affiliate marketing… And apparently everything can be done by a snap of a finger and you start making money

I’m not saying that everyone should be a doctor, lawyer, banker, because they seem prestigious. Nor am I saying that people need to be farmers, plumbers, mechanics, because they are essential for society. I also am not saying that YouTube influencers are not real career paths. But, we really need to make sure that the next generation are given honest guidance in terms of their future, which also leads to the future of this world. Will these take a lot of time and effort? Yes. Is there a secret sauce to these? No. But the work will pay off.


the work absolutely pays off

And that’s it. THE WORK WILL ABSOLUTELY PAY OFF. That’s what RT&SP Advisory is for - to help guide you to:

  • Understand what your goals, visions, talents are

  • Know what type of career prospects are out there

  • Collaborate & Prepare in what steps we should be taking

  • Stick together in the lows

  • Celebrate successes together

With an online-first approach, this allows everyone to be flexible in this current digital age; and therefore we can be connected regardless of our physical locations.

Here’s something additional I want to be crystal clear. I’m not saying ‘AI is bad’ or ‘We should never use these technology.’ None of these statements are true. Quite frankly, I am very open to using AI/technology tools to work through workshop sessions where applicable (ex// resumes, types of interview questions per industry, etc.).

What I am saying is that these tools should not be making decisions for you. Therefore let’s be thoughtful in how we want to use what we want to use for the sake of what we want/need to do for your future.

RT&SP Advisory. Online Career Advisory Services

RT&SP Advisory | Career CONSULTING Services

And finally, here’s the background on what “RT&SP” stands for. Names carry meaning, right?

  • RT = Remnant - I’m not that old (yet), but I’m starting to understand just how crucial the next generation is. At some point, they will be the adults of this world and will therefore drive it. They are the people who will stay behind running this world once the older generations move on. Their future is the world’s future and therefore it only makes sense that our present should be spent helping them prepare for the future

  • SP = Specialization - We are here to work with you to understand what your goals, visions, and talents are. I truly believe that everyone has a unique purpose as to what they do with their lives and that, to me, is that individual's specialization. This advisory is a platform for us to go together the journey to reaching that summit

I’m not going promise you that once you go through a session, or 5 sessions, or 10 sessions with us you’ll definitely get a job of your dreams. That would be a disingenuous promise. But what I do promise you is that we’re in this together. Like I said earlier, the name itself is a commitment for the next generation - for the Remnants of this world. RT&SP Advisory is committed to that future.

Thank you and I look forward to working with all of you.

Sang Park

p.s. …and yes. the “SP” worked out quite nicely with my initials

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